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  • BB01. Carter Esquerra. Model 3D
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  • Stand Feria Milan
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Projecte Bye-Bike One

BYE-BIKE ONE is a moped with a two-stroke, 50 c.c. engine. Two versions will be manufactured, the ONE (single-seater with large load capacity) and the ONE+ (two-seater). Mass production is due to start in the spring of 2014.

This will be the first product of the TECNIGAS factory, The company has decided to evolve from manufacturing components (mainly exhaust pipes and frames) to becoming a vehicle manufacturer.

Blau6 Enginyeria has cooperated in the development throughout the entire project, in the following tasks:

  • Assistance in defining the specifications and geometry of the vehicle.
  • Distribution of the different systems and components of the vehicle.
  • Design and calculation of the frame.
  • 3D models of almost all plastic parts of the bodywork, in collaboration with the design studio Citrus, in Girona, Spain.
  • 3D models of the seat supports.
  • Assistance to GCR Performances in the development of the engine, especially carrying out, under their supervision, the 3D models of the two half-crankcases and of the RH crankcase cover. All three parts to be manufactured in cast aluminium.
  • Coordination with suppliers to guarantee the feasibility of the designed parts.
  • Technical management of the project, under the client's supervision.

In the pictures, different components of the BYE-BIKE ONE and photos of the presentation at the EICMA in Milan, on 5 November 2013

For reasons of confidentiality there are other projects that we can not publish. Still, we hope that you have been able to get an idea of our capabilities.