Blau6 is a company specialized in product development, from the initial idea down to industrial production. We can intervene at any stage of the project and with the intensity each case may require.

What do we do?

As our slogan states, we provide the necessary engineering for converting your ideas into an industrially manufacturable product, in the form of development, resources and experience.

We can intervene in all or some of the stages of the development process, or undertake the whole project or only a part of it. We adapt to projects with very diverse dimencions, from one part to a complex product and its manufacturing tools.

We also give Technical Office support to companies that need temporary reinforcement but who do not want to increase their structure, or to small industrial companies who do not have their own technical office.

If you are a small industrial company and want to set up your own technical department, we can advise on how to organize it, to establish the bases that will allow growth in an orderly way.

Product development

Viability studies

Detailed Product Development

(3D / Kidney / manufacturing plans)

Functional prototypes

Test Validation

Manufacturing and/or control tools

Design tools

Construction and adjustment

Production starting

Technical Support Office

Technical office support

Organization consultancy

We help you to organize your technical office: Article Reference Systems, regulations, management of 3D models and drawings, management of technical documentation, etc.

Catia & SpaceMouse Enterprise, a winning couple.

We are updating our technological platform based on the Design Programme 3D Catia, with the SpaceMouse Enterprise 3D mouse in order to optimize our work processes, to ensure maximum quality and to reduce delivery times.